Soft Wash Hawkes Bay

Do you want to preserve the exterior of your home or commercial building?

Is the appearance of your house or business important to you?
The Softwash system from Soft Wash Hawke’s Bay, is a non-abrasive cleaning system, specially designed for the outside of buildings. If you want to clean your building until it shines – you need the Softwash system.

Traditional exterior cleaning techniques often use high-pressure washing to get rid of dirt. This can be highly abrasive, often damaging surfaces while forcing moisture and debris into cracks. Without additional treatment you can still be left with the challenges of staining, mildew and algae on your walls.

If you’re looking for a cleaning system that preserves your paintwork rather than stripping it bare – choose Softwash. Because it’s gentle and thorough, Softwash is designed to help you keep your maintenance costs down.

Using a low pressure of 300 psi and a unique combination of detergents: Softwash delivers 100% destruction of the fungal pests that can attack your building’s exterior. We can also apply a spore block inhibitor if you would like longer term protection.

The Softwash Exterior Cleaning System is an effective treatment against:

Moss • Algae • Mould • Lichen • Mildew • Dirt & Grime • Spider webs

SOFT WASHING • houses • garages • sheds • driveways • fences • decks • patios •